NTU Bio-Tech

Chi-Te LIU
Job Title Professor
Name Chi-Te LIU
Office Tel No. 886-2-3366-6025~26
Personal Website https://chiteliu.wixsite.com/lab412
Experience Project Researcher: Biotechnology Research Center, The University of Tokyo  2004-2008

Full time faculty : Institute of Biotechnology, National Taiwan University 2008/08~present

Joint appointment faculty : Department of Agricultural Chemistry, National Taiwan University 2021/08~present

Research Fellow: Agricultural Biotechnology Research Center (ABRC), Adademia Sinica 2022/08~present

Head, Research & Development Division Center for International Agricultural Education & Academic Exchanges, CIAEAE 2017/08~present
Education B.Sc: Department of Agricultural Chemistry, National Taiwan University

M.Sc.& Ph.D: Department of Applied Biological Chemistry, The University of Tokyo 
Discipline Special Topics in Environment Microbial Engineering (IOB)

Special Topics in Microbes and Environmental Issues (IOB)

Special Topics in Microbiology  (IOB)

Advanced Biotechnology (IOB)

Microbiology (CBA)

TIGP/NTU Advanced Microbiology (Academia Sinica)

Agriculture of Taiwan (CBA)

Microbial Physiology (BST, in Chinese)

Bioagents and Bioproducts for Agricultural Use (PPM, in Chinese)
Research expertise Symbiosis (Microbe-Plant interactions): Biological nitrogen fixation, molecular mechanisms in rhizobium-legume symbiosis, Type VI secretion system in symbiosis, etc

Environmental Microbiology:Microbial plastic degradation, Microbial fuel, etc

Agricultural Biotechnology:R&D of microbial agents (biofertilizer, biopesticide, biostimulant), plant factory applications, etc
Year Paper Title
2022 Nov. 2022
2022 vol. 23:602, Aug. 2022
2022 Lee, SK., Chiang, MS., Hseu, ZY., Kuo, CH*., Liu, CT.*, A photosynthetic bacterial inoculant exerts beneficial effects on the yield and quality of tomato and affects bacterial community structure in an organic field, Front. Microbiol., vol. 13, pp. 959080-, Aug. 2022
2022 Chien, HL., Tsai, YT., Tseng, WS., Wu, JA., Kuo, SL., Chang, SL., Huang, SJ., Liu, CT.*, Biodegradation of PBSA Films by Elite Aspergillus Isolates and Farmland Soil, Polymers, vol. 14:1320, Mar. 2022
2021 Chien, HL., Tsai, YT., Tseng, WS., Wu, JA., Kuo, SL., Chang, SL., Huang, SJ., Liu, CT.* , From lab to farm: Elucidating the beneficial roles of photo-synthetic bacteria in sustainable agriculture, Microorganisms , vol. 9, pp. 2453-, Nov. 2021
2021 從環境中篩選可分解塑膠之潛力微生物, 工業材料, vol. 418, pp. 149-159, Oct. 2021
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2021 Liu, CH., Lee, SK., Oua, IC., Tsai, KJ., Lee, Y., Chu, YH., Liao, YT.*, Liu, CT.* , Essential factors that affect bioelectricity generation by Rhodopseudomonas palustris strain PS3 in paddy soil microbial fuel cells, Int J Energy Res, vol. 45, pp. 2231-2244, Feb. 2021
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