NTU Bio-Tech

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Curriculum Mapping


Educational Objectives

1.  To train graduates with a combination of professional capabilities in the field of biotechnology and provide assistance in the development of the national biotechnology.

2.  to train students with solid knowledge of biotechnology

3.  To equip students with critical thinking, analyzing and solving problems, professional presentation, organization and cooperation abilities.

4.  Bearing the concept of Bioethics and realization the social responsibility.

5.  Broaden student’s horizons for international perspectives: to realize the trends of biotechnology development and to develop a global perspective and responsibility of being a global citizen.

Core Capabilities

A.  knowledge and practical application of cellular and tissue regenerative medicine

B.  core biotechnological experimental abilities

C.  basic knowledge in advenced molecular biology and gene regulation

D. bioethics

E.  creativity and problem-solving ability

F.  team working and cooperative ability

G. leadership and interdisciplinary integrative ability

H.  international perspectives

I.  The life-long self-learning ability