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Student Paper (Master)

Student ID
R09642010 Effects of Dyskerin Impairment in Mesodermal Differentiation of Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells Han-Chung Yeh Li-Ying Sung, Ph.D. 2023/05
R08642010 Screening of Potential Lactic Acid Bacterial Strains with the Anti-obesity Ability Yen-Cheng Chen Je-Ruei Liu, Ph.D. 2023/01
R07642011 Confirming the roles of candidate transcription factor genes in periwinkle defense against periwinkle leaf yellowing phytoplasma and CrARF17 in plant defense Min-Chih Chiu Jen-Chih Chen 2021/04
R07642013 Metabolomics analysis of the entomopathogenic fungus Beauveria bassiana regulated by the polyketide synthase gene pks14 Kullyanee Panyawicha Yu-Liang Yang 2020/11
R08642002 Cloning of the Leopard Cat Embryos by Interspecies Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer Hung-Ting Wu Li-Ying Sung 2021/11
R08642004 Screening of Poly butylene succinate-co-adipate (PBSA) degrading microorganisms and exploring their characteristics Yi-Ting Tsai Chi-Te Liu 2021/07
R08642005 Evaluation of antiviral and antiallergic effects of Bacillus strains with probiotic potential Chia-Fang Tsai Je-Ruei Liu 2021/07
R08642007 Using Semaphorin6A Knockout Mouse Model to Examine Antitumor Immune Response Triggered by Semaphorin6A-Based Recombinant Proteins in Lung Cancer Immunotherapy Shin-Her Huang Mong-Hsun Tsai 2021/09